El tango argentino

Tango, music and dance both born of a mixture of cultures and customs forged in the river of La Plata, at the confluence between Argentina and Uruguay, with the rhythms and spirit of the immigrants. Descendant of African rhythms that merged with local trends. First it was the Candombe, then the milonga and then Tango. Lunfardo, the slang of the slums at that time, was his first language, but his humble and suburban spirit was his true birthmark creating a rhythm, now universally known, that brings people and cultures together.

La Garua

The Garua is that fine rain similar to our "txirimiri" that gave name to the tango of Anibal Troilo whose lyrics are full of loneliness and sadness.

What a night full of weariness and cold! The wind brigs a strange sorrow. It looks like a pit of shadows the night, and I, in the shade, very slow way! Meanwhile the Garua is accentuated with its barbs in my heart.

On this night so cold and so mine, always thinking about the same abyss and even if I want to tear it, discard it and forget it, I remember it more.