Our Association

Garua gathers Argentine Tango fans of all levels and interests and provides a common meeting place to learn, practice and dance Tango by organizing classes, dances, exhibitions and special events.

Since 1995 we have been organizing high quality weekly classes with internationally known teachers. In addition, during all these years, we have also held many milongas, tango events, festivals, street dances and special courses with visiting teachers.

Our purpose is to work in favour of the amateur to spread and promote the Tango offering quality activities at fair prices. We try to cover the expenses of each event and if there is any benefit, it is invested directly in other tango promotion activities, events, etc. All our work is voluntary.

Garua is a non-profit association that is sustained thanks to the selfless work of the members, their annual fees, and the participation of tango fans in the activities that are organized. The management is carried out by a Board of voluntary partners elected by the members through voting in an assembly.

Members and friends of Garua